Scrivener has cost me a bundle!

Because I just hadda get a new laptop.

I’ve been coddling my old clamshell iBook (366 mHz, no Firewire) all this time. It wasn’t capable of OS X, much less Tiger. I handled that for a long time. I was drafting in it these past weeks, importing the text into Scrivener, and was willing, as I go off for vacation in a couple of weeks, to let Scrivener export it all and work on it as text while I was away. It being better than not working on it at all. But I’d reached the point of no return. My Z-Write hasn’t been updated by the programmer and it won’t recognize text files at all any more.

Scrivener was the breaking point.

I don’t want to write without a laptop, (computer sharing issues in play) and I don’t want to write without Scrivener…

So, rock, meet hard place.

Soon, I’ll have a Powerbook 12.1" with Tiger on it. My old iBook is going to the daughter of a friend, who will enjoy it, I’m sure.

And a big thank you to the person on this forum who pointed me to the site. I can’t find the reference where it was discussed, but that’s a great used Mac site and that’s where I found my new laptop. They take trade-ins! Mine was only worth $40, so I found it a new home.

And a warning about!

When you Froogle for refurbished Macs, their site comes up. And boy howdy! Such appealing prices. I went for it… and tossed and turned all night. Something about it… something about the way their prices were $200 cheaper than anyone else’s… my radar was pinging.

Researched it? Of course I researched it. Their ebay ratings, which was pretty much all I found in my first searches, were good, really good. But the next morning, at the butt crack of dawn, I got the confirmation email, with no mention of my request to add an Airport card, and something made me google this phrase: “don’t buy a computer from

Go ahead, google it.

Oh, the horror. People waiting for weeks, people getting something less than they ordered, people getting something that broke, before or after the (only!) 30 days warranty and getting socked with restocking fees, people wrestling with their credit card company and the Better Business Bureau.

And they are three hours behind us, time wise. I had to wait and wait until (thanks to the helpful posts on my thrill ride through the complaint forums) I managed to get a person on the phone and they cancelled the order before it shipped. Let’s hope that’s the end of it.

Remember, as I didn’t in the adrenaline grip of bargain searching-- if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

So, yes, I paid more at PowerMax. But they have a 90 day warranty, their site is full of helpful tips that make me feel they know and love Macs, and I easily got someone on phone who was extremely friendly, helpful, and understanding of my needs as described. Thank you, Michelle! (Ask for her by name.)

And thank you KB, so very very much. (Said with a really big grin.)