Scrivener has disappeared from my Mac?

I noticed that Scrivener’s traditional logo has been replaced by the image of a piece of paper at an angle, with a pen, pencil and ruler across it. (New Scrivener logo?)

When I move my cursor over it, the word Scrivener continues to appear. But when I click on it, it won’t launch the application.

When I double-click on my .scriv file in Dropbox, which I last updated yesterday, it also won’t open Scrivener.

As my book is stored there, and I’m 14 days away from my deadline, this is a bit of a crisis.

[b]What has gone wrong?

Can anyone help?[/b]

That icon is just a shortcut to (typically) the real Scrivener program in your /Applications folder. Something or someone must have deleted or corrupted it.

The solution is to get Scrivener from where you bought it (this web site, or through the Mac App Store). It won’t cost you anything but time to download again.