Scrivener has little 'not responding' seizures

Especially when I’m working outside, Scrivener sometimes has little delays in registering my input. If it takes even longer, the tekst goes lighter and it says ‘not responding’ at the top. Cursor movement is normal during these ‘seizures’, but there’s no response. I save on my Diskstation NAS. The Wifi signal is full and all other programs that are depending on my internet connection run fine.

It got so bad that I just went and reinstalled Scrivener. After reinstallation things were quicker at first, but after an hour or so the same ‘not responing’ problems show up again.

Is this a known issue and can it be fixed? It feels like Scrivener has a hard time with some bachground process or something. Is there a way to turn some of those off to make thins smoother?

Kind regards