Scrivener has stopped responding

Editing a large document with multiple files. Up until now I’ve had no problems, then it suddenly seems to be stuck in the folder I was editing, and won’t change to another. It’ll save OK, but opens with the same problem. Restarting the PC doesn’t help.

Is this happenibg with all projects or just this one?

Its just the one project at the moment.

I can edit one folder in the project, but it won’t switch to any other selected folder.

Try creating a new project and drag and copy all files/ folders into it and see if now functional may be corrupted project settings

Did you lock the editor in place accidentally? I don’t have PC Scrivener handy, but on the Mac the option is in the Navigate → Editor sub-menu.

Thanks! That was it. Different approach on PC but I found it eventually!

For future reference, instructions for resetting a project can be found here:

These are for Mac, but the underlying project structure is the same.