Scrivener has stopped working

3 Feb 2018
HP Pavilion, Windows 7, wireless mouse/keyboard.

Cursor began backspacing uncontrollably. The file documents collapsed to the top level, initial document. (Bug? Maybe an update will fix it…) Clicked Help > Check for Update…
Scrivener closed.
Reopen. The file opens at the initial document. Try Update again, same thing.
Reopen. Try to open a different file. Scrivener closed.

What is going on here? First thing came to mind when cursor went to initial document is, “Groundhog Day” (the movie) which was yesterday. Coincidence? Maybe that’s just a red herring.
Would like a fix for this.

Posting and closing now. Adios

Did a System Restore after initial post at 04:00-ish. Last Windows update was 2 February;
When I opened Scrivener after SysRestore, it seemed to be working, knock on wood.

Just did Check for Update again, and no prob. Knock on wood.

Sausage Day ZDX a ‘frailure’. I hope.


Hi, I just tried to open Scrivener and found it without all my content. The last six months of work have just vanished. Clearly there is a technical problem as the technical support area states that there has been a heavy demand and questions will not be answered for about two days. Any ideas of what I can do to get my work back?

OK, I shut down my computer and tried again. I found some of my work, but have lost the last week of inputs. Still a major problem but at least some of it is there. Still can’t even get into the line for technical support.