Scrivener, heal thyself!

Since the problem (as explained by Keith) isn’t related to the latest beta and it’s not a Scrivener bug, I’ll just post this here.

As I mentioned in the Beta Testing forum, I saved a web page in Scrivener’s Research folder and it caused Scrivener to crash. I cleared the cookie file in Safari and tried it again. It was not the link to, or the the site that crashed Scrivener but the main page that was the culprit.

I re-opened Scrivener and it gave notice that it was synchronizing search strings and then crashed again. I tried it several more times with the same result. I could open other projects with no trouble, I just couldn’t open the project with the problematic web page.

I tried once more, more in simple frustration, than expecting a different result. When a notice informed me that Scrivener was not Registered and had a 30 day limit. I clicked to try it and the troublesome project opened! I immediately deleted the demonic-webpage-from-hell and clicked to close Scrivener but first it said that changes had been made and did I want to save them or use the old settings. I clicked to use the old settings and closed.

Now everything seems to work just fine. I’m not sure what I did, or what the deuce happened but, Keith, Scrivener is now capable of self-repair and perhaps self-aware. I’m going to rename that folder, “Hal” and try to stay on its good side.

For future reference, when this happens, ctrl-click on the .scriv file in the Finder, select “Show Package Contents” and delete the ui.xml file inside the project. Then reopen the project (it should now open fine) and delete the problematic web page, or convert it to text using Documents > Convert…

It sounds as though in your case, the preferences eventually got destroyed or corrupted after several crashes.

The web page problem - whereby Scrivener crashes with certain web pages - seems specific to 10.4.11. It seems to be a bug in the WebKit that was introduced with that OS update. The only way you can avoid it completely is to set your preferences to convert web pages and HTML to text when imported.

All the best,