Scrivener Help doesn't work with Windows 10

When I click on the help link, I see a “flash” of Microsoft Edge…then nothing. I use Chrome.

I have the latest version/download. I haven’t used Scrivener for maybe a year and just noticed the problem.


Scrivener’s help file is a pdf document. Microsoft has the annoying habit of changing your default pdf document reader to the very weak not ready for prime time pdf reader embedded in Edge. Just like Google’s Chrome and Firefox have the same annoying habit of using their default pdf viewer in web documents instead of the Windows Default. You can change this in their preferences files.

You will probably be fine if you change your default pdf reader back to whatever reader you prefer. There are many excellent free pdf readers that are infinitely better than the ones embedded in recent browsers. My preference is the free viewer from Tracker Software - PDFXchange viewer, but there are many other good ones as well.

Yep, that worked and thanks a bunch. Damn MS. :slight_smile:

LAter, Bill