Scrivener helped me save time

Hi, I loaded a manuscript that I’m currently revising into Scrivener for testing. Some of the documents came from a critique partner who sends an RTF version which had crazy formatting issues. Usually when I save her documents to .DOCX the crazy formatting still exists and I have to clean it up.
This time when I copied it into Scrivener, the crazy formatting disappeared, when I exported it to RTF, the formatting was still perfect, and when I saved as a DOCX, it was still clean.

Thanks, now I only have to work with the critiques rather than the format.

Excellent, glad to hear it’s already solving that kind of woe for you. Honestly part of what you experienced is probably not intentional. :slight_smile: The imported format should be as close as possible to the original, however there will soon be a function that lets you strip all formatting and return selected files to your preferred defaults, so once that feature appears, that will be the way you go about doing things—and of course compile, if you are using the formatting tools, will homogenise text formatting for you, too.