Scrivener highlighter running past the right margin

I like to use the highlighter in Scrivener.

However, when I highlight more than one line, the highlight extends past the first sentences and all the way to the end of the document.

For example, if I have set the right margin at 6.27 inches… and then highlight that sentence and the sentence below it… the highlight will extend PAST the 6.27 inch mark all the way to the right of the page.

It looks ugly.

When I do this in Microsoft Word, the software is “smart” enough only to highlight the words… and not the blank space to the right of the sentences.

Does this make sense? Is there any way I can make changes in Scrivener > Preferences so the highlighting feature will behave like Microsoft Word does?

I’ve included two attachments to help explain.


Firstly, comparing Word to Scrivener is like comparing oranges to fish. Word doesn’t use any Apple technology; Scrivener is built on Apple’s TextKit.

Secondly, you are treating Scrivener like Word and setting a right margin in your editor. If you go to Preferences > Appearance > Main Editor > Options and turn “Use fixed width editor” on, (1) the highlighting behaves as you expect, (2) the text wraps according to the width of your editor, so if for instance you need to make your editor narrower or wider, the text responds accordingly.

The fundamental point about Scrivener in comparison to a traditional word processor like Word, is that the writing process is separated from the page layout process including page margins, that being handled by Compile. If you really need an approximation of how it will look on the page, use View > Text Editing > Show Page View—it displays based on the settings in File > Page Setup… Note it is an approximation because of potential differences between font metrics—especially with non-TextKit based apps like Word—and printers.

Hope that helps.