Scrivener highlights empty lines

Is there any way to change the settings to that Scrivever does not highlight empty lines of text / empty space?

In MS Word, if you highlight several lines of text, including an empty line, it just highlights the text itself, not empty lines or the blank space at the ends of lines, after text.

These are Windows screenshots, so perhaps they are worthless, but this is how I believe it should actually be :


Is that not what you get for empty lines ? (They are not actually empty, there is a carriage return in there…)

. . . . . . . .

And this time text highlight :

I never thought about it, but this is probably handled by the OS and not a behavior L&L can (or should) change. And as @Vincent_Vincent said, there’s no such thing as truly empty lines. In this regard I think Word is doing it worse. Those “empty lines” still get copied, so why not include them in a highlighted area? What would be the point?

@November_Sierra is right - the way selection highlights work is handled by the system (Apple’s code), not Scrivener, because Scrivener uses the standard macOS text system (Word does not - Microsoft built their own text system from scratch).

Scrivener works the same as most other Mac apps in this regard - TextEdit (which uses the same system), Mail and so on. (Pages, on the other hand, doesn’t work like this, because Apple built an entirely different text system for Pages from the one they make available to developers - go figure.)

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Okay. Thank you, everyone!