Scrivener Holiday


So I’m going on holiday for a week and not taking my windows laptop with me, just my Android tablet.

The tablet is a Lenovo Yoga 10 and I have a keyboard case with it. It has the Kingsoft Office application which has access to Google Docs on it so that’s a possibilty. It doesn’t seem to support RTF format which is, I think, the format Scrivener uses.

Anyway, my question, anyone got any suggestions as to how or even if I can use that to update my putative novel? I don’t mind a bit of work each end, just looking for a way I can do some updates if I feel like it.



The easiest way might be to compile to rtf and upload to google docs. You can also use file->export on a selection in the binder if you want to keep the documents separate.

Dang it, Robert keeps beating me to posting :slight_smile:

I was going to mention two scenarios…

  • export to a format accessible from Android, then copy/paste or import back into Scrivener
  • remote control into your home machine and work on it in Scrivener

Robert discussed the export and bring back in scenario above and in the following post.

Remote control would require a wireless connection (wifi I assume) and an Android compatible remote control app (matched by same vendor’s app for your home machine). Some candidates: TeamViewer, Splashtop, Parallels Access.

Neither approach is ideal… but work for some folks. Both involve some learning curve and aggravation.

You gotta procrastinate harder if you want to beat me to the punch! Or distract me with a link. But don’t you try that one; it won’t work. I am undistractable… indistractable? There’s got to be a word for that…

I’m not getting your point. Are you going on holiday or you just want free space for work? because the holiday is for refreshments not for working. But It’s your way to enjoy the holiday. Go for it.

Doesn’t the Win version have “Sync -> With external folder”?

I’m kind of with jenny55 here, but if you insist on working while on holiday…

I’m not a fiction writer, and everybody’s habits are different, but if I were in any advanced stage of a project and going on a week’s (not a month’s) vacation, expecting to do some actual relaxing as well as working, I’d select just one portion of the thing to take along and work on during that time. Maybe just a particular couple of chapters, or a specific character or plot line or setting. Just compile and take along what’s necessary to work on that one item. That lets you focus on the one thing, apart from the whole project, in a way that might be helpful in a limited time; lets you feel you’ve done what you needed to do by Thursday morning and then just have a holiday on your holiday after that; and reduces the complexity of reintegrating what you’ve changed into the whole project on your return.

Just a thought, from a writer whose works are fiction only in the sense that they do not exist!

The original post is form 2014, no? I doubt the OP still needs an advice… :mrgreen:

Well, dang. Never occurred to me to check the date. Of course, some people do go on vacation/holiday, realize it’s better than working, and just don’t come back. :laughing:

Yeah, I had one of those holidays once. Came to on the Baja six years later with a full beard.

Sounds like my dropped out phase, oh, say, 50 years ago. :exclamation: :astonished: :exclamation: I kept the beard, though; never did see the appeal of scraping a blade across my face first thing every morning. Plus it at least makes me look like a writer.