Scrivener-iCloud Drive sync for OS X v10.10 Yosemite

Are you planning to add this feature for the upcoming (next) release? I hope so. Dropbox syncing is a bit more complicated than it ought to be. Of course, iOS 8 support would be a given request too.

There isn’t really anything to “add”, from what I understand. What Drive is all about: Apple is finally catching up with Dropbox and providing an official (you’ve been able to do this unofficially all along, but it’s not easy, and nobody knows for sure how reliable it is) disk use capability where you have a folder that stays synced. The whole appeal of these services in the first place was that it makes it possible for (theoretically anyway) all of your data and software to be something you can synchronise, because these services use basic file system technology on the exposed end to keep your files up to date. That’s what the original iCloud completely missed the boat on, since in order to use it as a user, all of your software companies you used had to specifically add special code to enable it for you, and even then only a select few developers could do so, if they were writing for Macs and if they happened to sell through Apple’s restrictive store and they were using a basic single-document working format (completely unlike Scrivener). So overall this is a smart move, as their technology is no longer exclusive, opt-in and restricted to certain types of programs. Now even Windows users can use iCloud to sync software made in 2002, just like you’ve been able to with Dropbox and other tech. What remains to be seen is if their technology is as reliable as the competition. We’ve been a bit disappointed with Google’s technology, thus far.

So at any rate, it doesn’t really sound like this technology will be something that you’ll benefit from anyway though, if you don’t like Dropbox, because that’s basically all it is.

I’m not sure what you mean about iOS 8. Scrivener is Mac OS X software, it doesn’t need to support it. If you mean the yet to be released iOS version—of course, we’ll keep it up to date just as do with our Mac software. :slight_smile:

Indeed - you’ll just be able to save Scrivener files on iCloud Drive. You’ll still have to be just as careful as when using Dropbox, though.