Scrivener Icon in Leopard Stacks

A very minor question: I put my Applications folder in the Dock to use the Stacks feature in Leopard, and the Scrivener icon doesn’t show up properly!

Screenshot at

It shows up just fine in the Finder and using Quick Look (great feature, by the way, to show the outline of a Scrivener document when using Quick Look!)

Other than this very silly concern, I’m really enjoying the program. I just used it to design a lecture and lesson plan for my political science students, and the outline/corkboard feature combined with custom labels was a big help to reorganize and tighten up my thoughts.



Try logging out and then in. Sometimes that fixes minor problems in the Finder.

I just created a folder of Favorites, using aliases of applications, to show as Folder: Automatic on the Dock. No problem at all displaying the standard Scrivener icon.



Yes, that worked, thanks! With the MacBook’s excellent sleep functionality, sometimes I go for quite some time without restarting!