Scrivener ignores Simplenote updates, only uploads. Help?!

Hello Scrivener users & gurus alike,

I’m trying to start using MMD for Scrivener so that I can update my dissertation writing via Simplenote and related applications like Notational Velocity and nvALT while retaining the all-important italics for citations, but I’ve run into a major hitch. When I try to sync from Scrivener, it continually uploads new versions but fails to see that there are updated versions on Simplenote’s servers!

Yesterday I spent an hour or so altering my Simplenote files in nvALT, which lets me preview the MMD output while I’m learning how to use it. Those updates appear in the online Simplenote app, and I’ve not touched any of the first-line info that Scrivener uses to identify things there. But now I’ve tried to sync those back into Scrivener from Simplenote’s servers, and instead of downloading them, it just repeatedly uploads! I ended up with four duplicates of each individual file of my project on Simplenote’s server, which means that Scrivener somehow ignored the changes I made to the files yesterday, and is even ignoring its own uploads today and continually just re-uploads.

The only thing I can think of is that for my project identifier I’m using a [. So on Simplenote’s servers, each of the Scrivener files has ([disssamplechapter]) [#id]) at the end of the first line of each document.

Could the “[” character be the culprit?

If so, how can I change the project identifier to make Scrivener recognize that there are altered files on Simplenote’s servers that I want it to download?

This is with Scrivener 2.0.5, by the way.

In case anyone else is curious, it looks like the [ character probably was the thing that broke the syncing from Simplenote down into Scrivener.

I realized that I could test this by making a new project folder, and then cutting and pasting the “correct” (i.e. with MultiMarkDown) copies into the new project. I synced those, then changed little things in a few via Simplenote’s web app. Then I tried to sync Scrivener again, and it recognized & downloaded them just fine.

I’ll post again if using the other programs (Notational Velocity & nvALT) manage to snarl this up, but so far it looks like the [ character was the thing. My mistake if I should have already known that!


Try going to the “Import & Export” pane of the Preferences and turning off “Convert brackets to inline notes when syncing plain text files” under the “Plain Text” section. This might do the trick, because if this is on then square brackets are treated as footnote indicators.

All the best,

Hi Keith,

Thanks for the quick reply!

I’m actually hoping to use the footnotes features once I get more accustomed to MMD, and I’m already using the {{ to indicate other inline footnotes, so I’ll just avoid using anything that’s not a letter in my project keyword. Starting a new project and just cutting and pasting files in there is a simple enough solution for me, since I’m trying this out early enough in the writing process.

But thanks for reminding me that square brackets are the cues for footnotes!