Scrivener ignoring DPI settings(?)

I have my Windows DPI scaling set to 125%, to make the 1920x1080 resolution more readable on a 13" screen.

Most of the apps scale properly in Windows 10, but Scrivener is kind of ignoring the DPI setting, see the attached pictures (zoom levels are visible at the bottom of the pictues) - I have to set the view to 125% zoom to get the “proper” scaled font size. And the 100% view shows the text as if I had my system’s DPI scaling set to 100%.

This is a minor and easily fixable issue, but I wanted to bring this up in case the behavior is anomalous.

Thanks, we are aware of the trouble. Until we’re able to resolve it, the steps in this article on fixing app scaling on high DPI displays should work around the problem. Sounds like you may have already fixed it yourself.