Scrivener in Chip Magazine, Turkey

Interestingly I found this article in Turkey’s most popular computer magazine, Chip.

The title is Top 10 Most Loved Programs of All Times and puts Scrivener on number 9. … _9.html#id

Other softwares in the list are
WordPerfect 5.1
Netscape Navigator

Yardimli, yabancı merhaba, :smiley:
Haven’t seen you around these parts for a good while.
Thanks for the heads up. :wink:
İyi şanslar

Hi there,

Nice and fluent Turkish you have there. :slight_smile: I’ve been busy organizing moving to Canada these last months. After that, I’ll be back in L&L. Hopefully before I move I’ll have finished my novel here (thanks to Scrivener) and have it published.

Good luck with the novel. :wink: :smiley:
Take care

Nice! Thanks for posting the link. Vic-k has already warned me about my head expanding…
All the best,