Scrivener in full screen does not scroll down


When I try to use Scrivener in full screen mode on the Lion OS (MAC) – the pages do not scroll down. I use a mouse pad (not a mouse) and neither the two finger gesture scroll nor grabbing the scroll bar on the side of the window would let me past the first screen.

When not in full screen mode, Scrivener behaves normally – it can scroll.

Is it a general bug or something that I can adjust on my computer?


Can you use the PgUp and PgDown keys, or click at the bottom and use the arrow keys to get beyond the first page? I’m not offering this as a work-around (though it would work as such), but rather to determine if the viewport is totally locked, of if it is just a gesture problem.


This is a bug to do with the centring code, and is fixed for 2.1.1. You can download a beta of 2.1.1 from this thread:

Hope that helps.

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