scrivener in the apple store

On several occasions now, I have been in the apple store buying something, errrr… rather drooling over the stuff until Christmas, but I did buy an iMac, which was a gift, but Santa brought me a 13" MBA and then today, I upgraded my old 24" iMac to a 27"

Nevertheless, all of this scheming on my part put me in the Apple store many times, and the inevitable would happen, I’d download the trial and install on the various machines. Click try, load the tutorial. Play around to get the feel of it on that machine.

I love it that I can do that on their machines (they should too because it sold three computers), but in every case, when the eventual apple sales person would come over, and begin asking me the standard questions (are you familiar with macs, etc), the conversation would quickly turn to me asking them if they ever used DTP and Scrivener. Everyone of them I showed Scrivener to and demonstrated it, wrote down the name (funny how all of them have iphones, ipads, and macs all around them, but they rely on paper for personal notes), and wanted to get it immediately.

There were at least four of them who were head over heels with it, and in two cases, other customers watching. Hopefully, some more real sales occurred. I think Scrivener is the schizznick of writing tools and only wish I would have had it in law school.

By the way, while I liked Scrivener on the iMac 24", and certainly LOVE it on my 13"MBA, I am overwhelmed with it on the 27" iMac… holy cow… HUDs everywhere! mwuhahahahahaha

oh yeah, back to writing :smiley:

A whole new approach to viral marketing - customers selling to the sales team. I love it!

Hey, thanks for recommending it to Apple staff! The funny thing is that we do a deal for Apple staff anyway (Apple have an internal database of programs that give discounts or freebies to Apple staff, and I made sure we got on that), and we have had thousands of Apple staff get licences from us… We keep hoping it will eventually translate into them recommending Scrivener to their customers, but oh well. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

All the best,