Scrivener in the French Press

I picked up a copy of Vous et Votre Mac in Paris yesterday, and I was very happy to read the review of Scrivener that was in it! They compare two French programs, Hop! J’écris un roman, and Avenir, with Jer’s Novel Writer and Scrivener. Scrivener gets 5 stars! They loved everything about it…they only regretted it wasn’t in French!

(PS, I have been using Scrivener on my OSX PC, and was so convinced about osx, that i am selling my pc to get a new macbook pro …)


[Brief use of internet whilst holidaying in Norway:]
Cool! Thank you for posting this… Now I wish I had paid more attention in French classes in school. At some point in the future, Scrivener will (hopefully) be localized to French.

Thanks again and all the best,

Hey Keith,

I’ll bet if you asked, you would get lots of help on localization.


Oh yes, I already have a lot of volunteers. But it’s quite a lot of work to organise, so it will be a later version of 1.x before I really get chance to give it the time it requires.