Scrivener + Index Card = A grin full of win

I needed to story-board my final chapter, I already had a folder full of bits & Bobs & notes etc. But I needed to cut through the chafe and block out the scenes.

So in comes my lovely new iPad 2. I follow Keith’s youtube walk through and sync my collection to Index Card on the iPad. I then retire to bed and twenty minutes later I’ve got used to working in Index Card and have the chapter all blocked out.

Yes, I could have done it all on my MBP, but it was nice to take a step back to do this. When I’ve needed that separation from my desk before I’ve used post-it notes on my office door. Using the iPad gave me that same separation.

Oh, and although I haven’t needed to write with iA Writer yet I think I’ll prefer it for work rather than PlainText which for some time I’ve used as my notetaker of choice on my iPhone.

Glad the combination is working out well - although I should point out that David takes the credit for the YouTube video, not me, or he’ll sulk.

All the best,