Scrivener Interface appearance

Apologies if this has been tackled already somewhere - I’m sure it must have been, but I cant find it anywhere…

To me, the general appearance of Scrivener is much ‘prettier’ on the Mac, than in Windows. In particular, the fonts in the Windows binder and notes section seem rather spindly in comparison, and the white background in Windows is a bit glary. Is this something to do with the difference in the OS, or is it something that will be changed in Windows at a later stage? Or will it be something that can be adjusted in preferences in the final version?

Again apologies if this has been answered before…

You’re not actually stuck with that glaring white background, as Scrivener picks up your preferred background color from the Control Panel. Try:

Control Panel - Display - Appearance - Advanced - Item:Window - Color 1

Of course, changes there will be reflected in Explorer and in many of your other applications as well as Scrivener. I agree it’s vital that Scrivener offer broad color change options. The Control Panel approach merely helps relieve eyestrain in the interim.