Scrivener iOS and Markdown

Am I right in thinking I can’t compile to markdown in the iOS app? I’d have to type up the markdown in my iPad but to compile to markdown file I would need to use my Windows version?

Thanks again for your help. I am slowly getting there…

Yeah, there is not much support for Markdown in the iOS version. I don’t think I’ve ever once used it to compile anything as it has nothing to support the way I write. For how I use it on the whole though, that’s fine. I don’t use my phone to produce content. I just take notes and jot down ideas, thoughts and so forth. And you don’t really need features to write with Markdown, so on that side of things there is no friction.

Thanks for confirming. I use an iPad for most of the day so I do need to produce content but I can wait to compile at the end of the day when I am back at my desktop.

Yeah, sorry that was a miscommunication. I meant producing content in the sense of creating something other people would digest directly: in the actual production workflow, rather than as a writer, forming letters into words and words into prose. I have used the phone for that, with a little foldable keyboard.

Haven’t so much recently, but that’s more thanks to the pandemic and doing all work from home.