Scrivener iOS - Dropbox Synching Issues - NEW Synch Conflicts message/search indexing.


FYI, read the guide to synching iOS with dropbox inside and out and checked the board before posting this.

I’ve been having big problems with synching lately. I contacted Scrivener iOS support but still haven’t heard back.

I have a deadline on Monday so I continued to troubleshoot, winging it. After doing an uninstall/reinstall of the Scrivenr app & much troubleshooting and talking with tech support Dropbox, it appears to be synching now.

But when I go back in to do new work and open a project binder, I’ve just started to get NEW problem. With the Message… Synch Conflicts


I click yes “Dropbox is synched”


It takes forever to index (as above) but I’m worried everything is being saved properly.

Is there anything I can do to stop this error from happening, and the extra indexing it appears to do each time on open.

Any help or advice will be appreciated by anyone whose had this similar issue.