Scrivener iOS starts inappropriately when I click on a pdf when browsing in iCloud.

Frequently, when I click on a pdf in iCloud, Scrivener will pop up and say that there is No project open to receive the pdf. This happens when Scrivener is not open and is a real pain in the posterior, almost to the degree that I am considering deleting Scrivener. It ‘butts in’ where it has no business to do so. I was not using Scrivener at the time, I was just looking at pdfs. How can I avoid this problem, because it happens fairly frequently. I am using the 2018 9.7" iPad with the latest iOS and the latest Scrivener for iOS.

Sorry to say I don’t know how the iCloud aspect of this works as I don’t use it myself, but generally speaking on iOS it is not possible for a program to automatically take control of another program like you describe—to actively monitor what you are clicking on and try to open the thing you clicked on with itself. The way iOS works is that all such operations must be mediated through the OS itself, and by request from the app you are using—i.e. iCloud is asking iOS to open the PDF in something, not the other way around.

The most a program like Scrivener can do is register itself with the OS in such a way that it makes itself available to open a particular type of file. My guess is that the only program you have installed that has registered itself as handling PDF files is Scrivener. In that case the OS will assume that is precisely all you ever want and whenever a program requests the OS to open a PDF it will go to Scrivener.

If you install other programs that handle PDFs, then you would get a choice of which to send it to I bet.

Thanks for your reply.
However, in the case you describe where Scrivener is the ‘default’, EVERY pdf should open in Scrivener when I click on it but that is not the case. Opening or not opening seems almost random, but is frequent.

Do you know where do I find the preference setting on an iPad as to which programs open a PDF?

That sounds like a problem in the viewer then, if it is only sporadically requesting help in opening a file type. I can’t really explain why that is happening. What I do know is that if you have a project open in Scrivener and you try to load a PDF with it, it will attempt to import the PDF into the project, stored as research.

I don’t think iOS has a managed concept of defaults unfortunately. For me if I try to open a file nothing has claimed, I get a message from the OS asking if I’d like to buy something from the App Store. If I have just one program installed that handles it, it opens without any intermediary steps. If I have multiple apps, then I get a multiple-choice dialogue to choose which one to open the file in.

So ultimately there is no default, unless there is only one app available. That’s my understanding anyway.