Scrivener iOS style problems

I have Scrivener running on a Windows 10 laptop and Scrivener on my iPad. Got everything up and running, including syncing properly. But the style ls don’t want to play nice. They’re non existent. When I place the cursor in a paragraph and click on the little paint brush it indicates that there is a style but the entire paragraph along with the entire project is displayed in a singular font and size-Helvetica 11pt. What it be up? Anybody else?

I’m going to guess that you defined that style on your laptop and specified that it should use a font typeface that is resident on your Windows machine but which is not resident on your iPad.

There is a way to install other fonts you own onto the iPad and make them available to iOS Scriv, but you will have to search the forum or have someone else here help you on that, since I have never bothered to take that step.

Here’s the knowledge base article. :nerd_face:

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what do you mean by own? The fonts came with the system.

Sounds like a relevant sense of “ownership” to me.*


* Though I suppose strictly speaking we don’t really own fonts, but are merely licensed to use them in certain ways.

You’ve used specific fonts in your project on Windows Scrivener that have not been installed on your iPad. This causes iOS Scrivener to default to Helvetica.

You need to load those specific fonts on your iPad. The KB article I linked to upthread explains how to do that.