Scrivener iOS synching back to Mac version

Hi, I have a project on my Mac in a dropbox/scrivener folder. In iOS, I have dropbox synching to apps/scrivener. When I work on my project on iOS, how do I synch it back to the Mac? Do I need to copy it over to the dropbox/scrivener folder or do I need to have the Mac point to the apps/scrivener folder? (Or is there another solution altogether? Many thanks for your help. Naomi

Well, for me so far, if you are saving the project in the same Dropbox folder it syncs as soon as you save it on you Mac. Then you have to do the sync on the iOS device and the changes should be there. So far, it has be flawless for me.

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Since the project is in dropbox/scrivener folder on your Mac, I would point the iOS Scrivener app to that folder. To do so, open iOS Scrivener, tap “Edit”, then tap the gear icon, and then select “Dropbox Settings”. You can then point the iOS app to the dropbox/scrivener folder. Once the project is on your idevice, you can make changes and sync them back to Dropbox by tapping the sync icon. Hope this helps!

Both devices need to be looking in the same folder, otherwise syncing won’t work. The default for many apps (Byword, etc as well as Scrivener) is to use Dropbox/Apps/ - you can use a different folder (e.g. Dropbox/Scrivener) if you prefer, as long as

a) your Mac is using this folder to store projects that you want to work on in iOS, and

b) Scrivener for iOS is set to use this alternative folder as well

You have to put all your .scriv projects in a single location, because of the limitations of iOS. You just need to settle on that location :slight_smile:

When you have finished working in iOS, tap the ‘Sync’ icon to ensure that all files get copied back to the Dropbox Cloud. Then when you’re back on your Mac, wait until Dropbox has synced all files from the Cloud to your Mac’s Dropbox folder (on my Macbook, it can take a couple of minutes for Dropbox to “wake up” and notice there are changed files in the cloud). Once the files are synced, you can work on them in your Mac as normal.

I think the hardest part of Dropbox is to understand that your files exist in at least three places: on your Mac hard drive, in the Cloud, and on your iOS device(s). All three places have the same naming structure (because otherwise it would be just crazy-making!), but they are all separate. The job of the Dropbox software is to automatically copy all changed files between your in-use locations whenever it notices something has changed in one of them.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the replies: I thought about it some more after posting and came to the same conclusion. Love the new app. Your help much appreciated.