Scrivener iOS syncing via Dropbox continues to crash the app

@AmberV, has anyone come forward with such a folder? If not, then there’s still one thing that an affected user can do to help out.

For myself, I’ve implemented the “Alternative Method”, described in the Knowledge Base article “Using Scrivener with Cloud-Sync Services”, towards the bottom of the page, using zipped backups. For the iOS side, I access the backups via the Files app, and de-archive them using the Shortcuts app technique that @ThisHereIsPete described in his post, [url]External backup for Scrivener iOS files? - #12 by ThisHereIsPete], with the slight change that instead of the “Save File” step, I use “Open in” so that I can open the project directly into Scrivener iOS. When I’m done on iOS, I export a backup manually to the same folder. It’s not as fast as the built-in Scriv sync, but it’s sure and with zipped backups can be used on any cloud service that integrates with the iOS Files app.