Scrivener iPhone views -- emulate the app store preview?

As an every day user of Scrivener on all platforms including iPad and iPhone, I am intrigued to know how to achieve the app store preview screenshots 2 and 3 ‘Grow your manuscript your way’ and ‘See the forest or the trees’.

It’s the preview of the iPhone app I am referring to.

This looks like a substitute for the corkboard view – which haven’t been able to reproduce.

Hardly mission critical, but I’d like to know what I am missing!

As far as I can tell:

In screenshot 2, this is the Inspector view for a single document. With the document in the editor, click the italic letter ‘i’ in the footer bar to see it.

In screenshot 3 you’re looking at the binder, with the options ‘Tint Rows with Label Colours’ and ‘Show Synopses’ selected. The first document has been swiped across to given the additional menu.

You’ll find the ‘tint rows’ and ‘show synopses’ options under the ‘Gear wheel icon’ > Binder. (Obviously, you’ll have to give the documents labels and synopses for them to show up).


Yes, Brookter, your HTH has been fulfilled! Very helpful, thanks.

You’re welcome!