scrivener is acting up!

Its fine on my laptop. The problems are all on the one I have on my netbook.

It is constantly crashing out on me, even when I have nothing else running on the machine and when I click the link ‘check for update’ it comes back to tell me I don’t have an Internet connection and can’t do so, but I do.

Its the up-to-date version.

Anybody have any ideas?

Up-to-date is 1.2.5, which you can double-check by choosing Help > About Scrivener. There was a bug in a previous version which affected the auto-updater, so you might be seeing that and be a version behind. If necessary, you can download 1.2.5 directly from the website and install it (uninstall the existing one first, since you’re having trouble with it).

What version of Windows are you running on your laptop? There are a few XP users who have been having trouble, and Lee is working on finding the problem, which seems to be related to a memory issue on these machines. If you’re on XP, instead of downloading and installing 1.2.5, you can grab the current beta (available from the beta forum) and try running that. Crash reports for this issue from 1.2.5 are obsolete at this point, but from we may be able to learn something useful. Additionally, if this matches your case, please let us know if you have virtual memory turned off on your machine or use any memory management programs. Finally, one user found that Scrivener seemed to have problems if he had been playing Flash video at any point earlier (since booting the machine) or if the RoboForm service was running in the Windows task tray. If you use that program, try disabling it (and turn it off from running automatically at start-up) and doing a reboot to see if there is any improvement in using Scrivener.