Scrivener is Cool!

Rarely said as I learn a new piece of software. I’m an ex-librarian and have watched many a neophyte, myself included, struggle and curse with interfaces and capabilities within the cascades of software since that fateful day in 1992 when the Internet became something everyone could actually use. So I am rarely impressed – right now I’m impressed! I struggle with many writing projects, not the least of which is my Dissertation – and I feel rescued. Thank you for creating something so robust AND clear-headed. Thank you. Puffing a sigh of relief.

Thank you! Your kind words are much appreciated. (And we are storing all praise using the Dewey Decimal System, don’t worry. :slight_smile: )

Thanks agai and all the best,

WOT!! :open_mouth:

Y’ Jokin!!" :open_mouth: ‘s a joke, init? :confused:
Bet this Jewey finger can’t tell us anyfink about makin’ sense of the Scriv Tutorials?! :confused:
Can he tell us where to find the button that says: PRINT WWBSBBBRSFN? Nahh!

jeezz! wot y’ like! tch!tch!

Try 131 – Parapsychological and occult methods or 137 – Divinatory graphology, although my personal favorite is 243 – Evangelistic writings :laughing:


Well Richard, matey! Y’re gonna need soddin’ which craft or divine intervention, if you have to wade those Über obtuse tutorials!!

Anyway, Rich…this Evangelistica, isn’t she a sex therapist? :confused:
Evangelistica Sex Therapist..jpeg


I certainly hope so. Maybe she’ll be in my Easter Egg :smiling_imp:

Once again, degenerating standard rule the day! :frowning:
Another well-meaning thread, plummets towards the sewer.
Moderators, as usual, are glaringly conspicuous by their absence.
Disaffected Fluff :blush: :frowning:

Lets summarize

Scrivener “CHEER!”

Dewy Decimal System “CHEER”

Tomb Raider as a sex therapist “CHEER”

All of this was thought up and designed while drinking beer. So I think the true praise should go to