Scrivener is forgetting some compile values. Please help.

I am trying to get a custom compile format just right, to produce chapters of my book. Each time I compile, Scrivener suggests the “Custom” format, and every single time, I have to remember to click on Custom and select my special format from the drop-down list. I have to do this even when I am doing several compiles in a row. Is here any way to make Scrivener remember which custom format I am using?

Much worse, every single time I select my custom format, I have to re-click and unclick the transformations that I want. Scrivener always reverts to some default, I think. The whole point of the compile option is to automate what I am doing and not make me remember to click and unclick settings every time I compile.

I’m on a Mac, and I am working on only one Scrivener project. My Scrivener version is What do I need to do, to make Scrivener remember my compile settings?

Thanks much in advance for your advice. I really appreciate the help I get at this forum.

Scrivener will automatically use the settings as they were the last time you compiled, but if you modify the compile settings in any way, Scrivener automatically labels it as “Custom”. What you need to do is set compile up exactly as you want, and then hold down the alt/option key, at which point it the interface changes from “Compile” to “Save”, at which point you give it a suitable name.

If the next time you compile you make any changes to the settings, it will again revert to “Custom”, and will remember those settings as long as you don’t select another compile preset, whether the one you saved or any of the others that come with Scrivener.

HTH :slight_smile:


I had the same problem until Silverdragon posted a link for a book about compiling in Scrivener. I bought it and, voila!, compiling suddenly became real fun! :smiley:

“How to Format Your Novel for Kindle, Nook, the iBookstore, Smashwords, and CreateSpace…in One Afternoon”