Scrivener is inert

So I downloaded the newest update (2.7) to my Mac 10.6.8 when prompted today. When I opened Scrivener it just sat there. It won’t open files (apparently it updates them, but it won’t actually open them). It won’t quit unless I force quit. Fortunately I downloaded an older edition so I can still work and only lost a little work. But I’d like to fix this and get back the rest.

Having same problem. Just updated Scrivener and now it crashes every time I try to open a file. HELP :imp:

Yes, V 2.7 is crashing on startup for me as well.

I had the same problem but reinstalled Scrivener manually (downloaded from the website instead of letting it update itself). It said that my projects were open in another copy of Scrivener or that Scrivener had not closed them properly. I continued (though they recommend creating a copy) and it all worked fine. Hope this helps.

Yeah, I tried that as well. Even deleted and re-installed the app. Still crashing on startup.

If you’re on El Capitan, it’s an El Capitan bug that can be resolved by following the instructions here: … -os-x-1011

I’m not aware of any crashes affecting 10.6.8, though, so please post your crash log for that.

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Mine doesn’t crash. It just doesn’t do anything.

Have you tried trashing it and re-downloading it? Are any errors reported on the console (/Applications/Utilities/ while starting up?

No errors. I will try trash and redownload

[URGENT :blush: :cry: ] Did this 3 times (re-downloading, error message, deleting…). But always get the message

I am still with Yosemite.

Cannot do anything with Scrivener now – and I have a deadline to deliver a story. Do I have to skip my night’s sleep while searching and compiling every single .TXT-file, or can you send me a .DMG or .ZIP file with a working (even old) version? Please.

/ Hajo


Please write to us at AT It’s getting late here, but some of our US team should be around for a few more hours if it’s urgent.

Please double-check the Console, too - it will be very difficult to help without information, and the Console should report any errors. If it crashes, be sure to include the crash log.

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what exactly is the console?

It’s a standard application on OS X that logs any errors happening anywhere, along with other information - I mentioned it a couple of posts back, so when you said you had no errors, I thought you meant on the console. You can find in the /Applications/Utilities folder. With that open, try running Scrivener and then look for any errors listed in the Console window that pertain to Scrivener.

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Thanks for your nice offer. It has been a long night for me. But it was more important for me to get my manuscript ready for the publisher instead of fiddling around with unreliable software. I collected now all the single text files over night, put them in NeoOffice, checked them for files I excluded from compiling. I think, Scrivener is still rather unstable and I would not recommend it for serious writing works, although the intention is good and would be perfect for writers if it works reliable. I had problems before which are not solved yet (crashes when opening PDF files). But I give Scrivener a chance ever now and then (especially on new updates), hoping that it may reliable one day. But this was a real desaster for me last night. However, I send the console protocoll to the address you mentioned.

I would still like to have a working copy of Scrivener (even an outdated one), although I will not rely on it for serious writing work. The latest NeoOffice version can now also handle 800 pages very smoothly, although I miss the writer’s tools of Scrivener. Currently my Scrivener programm does not open at all.

All the best and thanks again. Keep going, your goal is good.
/ Hajo