Scrivener is just ignoring my compile settings


I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but I’m trying to compile a project to pdf, but all of my settings are being ignored. Basically, I want to compile it “as is”. I don’t want my italics turned to underlines and I don’t want that default manuscript font, I don’t want my blank lines to be turned into hashes. But no matter what I change, I still get the exact same result as if I’d used the “Default” format. I’ve created a custom format, I’ve tried overriding the font for the whole document, the “convert italics to underlines” box is unticked, I’ve selected that “as-is” option for every section… nothing works. I am just about ready to bang my head against the wall, so any help would be appreciated.

I’m not sure I understand the question. The “Default” format sounds like exactly what you want, as it compiles the manuscript as is.

Are you using Styles in the project?

Well, in my case it does not. But basically my question is why are none of the changes I’m making having any effect on what the compiled document looks like? It doesn’t matter what I change in my format settings, the output looks the same. I’ve tried a number of fonts (even some crazy ones just in case I was simply not noticing the difference). No matter what I do, my italics are always converted to underlines. I’ve selected “as-is” for every section layout. It has no effect.

I’m not using any styles.

If you choose “As-Is” for your Section Layout, you will see exactly that: the content will pass through the Compile command untouched.

The underline issue specifically would be from the Transformations pane of the Compile Format. The hashtags for blank lines would be coming from the Separators pane.

If you’d like for us to look at the project directly, you can open a support ticket, here:

Are you sure you’ve Assigned Section Layouts to Section Types?

I know that’s what it should do, but it does not. That’s my issue. I’ll try raising a ticket.

Yup. Doesn’t do anything.