Scrivener is not open project not on mac neither on iphone

I opened computer and see that one chapter is not updated from the phone. So I opened the phone and it started automatically download not upload and finally stuck.
Now for 2 days what I have. The project does not open on computer and phone. And it does not show crash report. It just endless shows waiting swinging circle. Two days it is a lot.
I am ready to get back for 2 days ago version without the chapter. But how if the app does not opens? HELP ME!

it just stop to try with time but never finish

if i tap cancel it gets back to chose projects if i tap sync it just doesnt sync.

Have you tried simply copying the project off of the phone normally, instead of using sync? AirDrop is the easiest, but iTunes or third-party file managers also work well. Refer to §14.2.1, Basic Usage in the user manual, under subheading Managing Projects Directly (iTunes) (pg. 355).

If sync is jammed, there is little purpose in trying it over and over again. Maybe it will eventually work, but in a few seconds you can copy the whole project over to the Mac and examine it there. If it is what you want, and it opens properly, then you can replace the messed up version in the sync folder:

  1. Remove the project from the Dropbox folder.
  2. Let the Mac finish updating the server with that deletion.
  3. Delete the copy on the iPhone (you already copied it off).
  4. Sync the iPhone.

Everything should now be on the same page with regards to this sync folder: it’s empty.

  1. Drag the restored project into the folder from the Mac, wait until Dropbox is done and then finally sync the phone—or copy the restored version back to the phone into the right place, and then all Dropbox has to do is look at both identical copies and determine nothing needs to be done.