Scrivener is "not responding" when I try to load a file

I’ve been using Scrivener and tried to sync with iPad. Made changes on iPad and synced with Mac but file can’t be uploaded on Mac “Not responding” In fact no recent files are shown.
I hink I may have got into a muddle when syncing Mac to iPad
Please help!

Version of Scrivener? Version of Mac OS?

Transferring projects via Dropbox, or some other mechanism?

Does Scrivener otherwise open successfully?

It says " Mac 12.5 " when I click on his icon.

Probably (?) an incomplete sync. The symptoms suggest a corrupted file or files. You don’t say if you used Dropbox, which is the recommended sync service for Scrivener.

Thanks for your help
Scrivener version 3.2.3
Scrivener opened OK but not ‘recent files’ in dropdown menu

Yes the Mac version I’m using is 12.5

Thanks for your help
Yes used Dropbox, but I transferred the file before Scrivener project on Mac was closed, which could ex[plain the problem?
Interestingly, I’m back up and running now - deleted Scrivener for Mac and reinstalled and all seems well. What I don’t understand is that the programme seems to have picked up my Scrivener licence - any explanations?

Well, I’m glad you are up and running.

The license file, as I understand Mac conventions, stored outside the app (in ~\Library somewhere, I think). Deleting the app in the Applications folder didn’t get everything (probably). That’s the good news. I doubt, though, replacing the app fixed the problem unless one of the Application’s program file was corrupted. Maybe.

I’m puzzled about your statement “I transferred the file before Scrivener Project on Mac was closed”. The Scrivener project is not really a “file”, but a macOS “package” of hundreds or more files. And yes, messing with that package before Scrivener done with it can surely lead to flaws as you experienced.

For one, best to not mess with Scrivener project “packages” until Scrivener done with it, and I’m wondering why you had to initiate a “transfer” and not rely on Dropbox to do it automatically.

Whatever … back in business, so all is well.

Best practice: close the Scrivener project, let it do its automated backup, and let Dropbox finish sync before shutting down the device. While computers seem like “magic”, gotta give them room to do their thing.

So open them another way. File▸Open or by double-clicking on the projects in Finder. That will make them recent again.

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Thanks Bob. the Scrivener community have been so helpful. I’m grateful

Thanks again!I think I’ve got the automated backup sorted now. Scrivener is marvelous and so are you and others in the Scrivener community!

Great. last step in the backup setup process. Check. do test restore into another new Scrivener project. do not overwrite the production project! just test the backup works and you know how to handle.

I do Scrivener backups on Open and Close and I keep 25 copies. (and i have a TimeMachine backup of entire machine along with CarbonCopy/Chronosync backups of “real-important-stuff” :tm:. Belt and Braces. Yes, over the years i have suffered self-inflicted blunders and hard disk crashes so …)

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You can never have too many backups. :innocent:

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