Scrivener is not saving things, loading old versions of file

I am extremely frustrated with Scrivener right now. I have been using Scrivenver for NaNoWriMo this year but starting yesterday I cannot reliably save my writing. I lost 500 words yesterday for seemingly no reason. It just loads an old version of that file. I lost 300 or so words today for no reason but was able to recover them.

For the words I lost yesterday they are gone, they are not in any of the automatic backups or in the docs folder. The words I lost today are in the docs folder of the project but when I open the project in Scrivener I just get the old version of the file.

I really love Scrivener but I cannot deal with these problems. Please tell me there is something I am doing wrong here.

Note that I do work on this project by transferring back and forth to my linux laptop and windows PC. These problems occurred on my Windows desktop.

By which means are you doing the transfer? Are you using Dropbox or other cloud sync program?

I transfer by copying and pasting the project folder into my sync folder for Pulse/syncthing (