Scrivener is on (Google PR5)


Scrivener has been listed for some time in the often quoted reference source for mindmapping and information-management software at

By way of an exchange favor, would you mind adding a link to to your web site, please? You could use the following code: - A respected source of information on mindmapping and information management software

It’s best not to link to Scrivener’s specific entry in this list because it is sorted alphabetically. With a fixed three entries per page, when I add or remove items the number of the page on which your software appears may change. The above number is correct at the time of sending this email.

If you wish to update the screenshots (I have space for up to three), please email the new images to me.

Thanks and good luck with Scrivener,

Vic Gee

That site would be far more useful if it had an index or a search box on the first page. Instead of an alphabetical listing, a PC-Mac division would be helpful, and also some batching of the applications under topical headings.

Heh, the forum moderator in me wants to move this thread to Feedback or somewhere else :blush:

You know you spend too much time moderating forums when you automatically reach for the thread controls on other people’s forums :laughing:

This character is spamming his squalid little site, just delete this thread :slight_smile:

Yes please, this is a very common form of spam. As a webmaster for several web sites, I get these constantly.

Of course, I tend to delete link exchange requests mostly unread. Especially the ones that boast about their (low) google pagerank.

That reminds me, I should write up a scrivener review for a PR 8 site as well as my own writing site :wink:

Thanks for the suggestions howarth, I’ve been planning to organize this under types of software for a while, and your comment will give me the needed push. I’ll add a search box, as well, though most people using the site know the type of software they want and want to see what the options are, so they browse rather than search for a specific name.
The comment about ‘squalid’ might be relevant if the site made money, or even set out to make money. It does neither. I have a personal interest in software that helps people organize information, and over the years I’ve collected names and origins of software like Scrivener and decided to share that on the web in my spare time. What does is provide one place where people can go for this information without being slammed with advertising or biased results.
This isn’t a link exchange request. The link to Scrivener has been there for months, and it will stay there whether a link back is added or not, because I want to be comprehensive and useful.

Vic, you may be interested in the concept of Omega Mapping.
I haven’t read it yet, but bookmarked it for reference since it’s a different approach to traditional mind mapping.