Scrivener is slow and fails to compile/export files


I’ve been using Scrivener for the last two years and recently upgraded to Scrivener 3 to write my PhD dissertation. However, Scrivener has recently been extremely slow. I’ve freed up space on my computer and made sure no other application was running at the same time, but the situation has not improved. All other applications on my computer are working just fine.

Furthermore, every time I try to compile a section of my project (or my whole project) into a word document or .rtf, the application stops responding. (It works for PDFs, oddly enough).

Please help! I’d really like to keep using Scrivener, but the current sluggishness and difficulties compiling are making it impossible.

Thank you!

Most likely something was imported or pasted into the project that is slowing things down. An image that is either unintentionally massive or corrupted in some way would be my guess, since the problem manifests in compile as well (how images are handled is different between PDF and RTF). I’ve also seen complicated formatting from Word trip things up as well.

You mentioned sectional compiling, have you noticed whether this happens no matter which chunk of the Draft folder you compile? If not that might be a clue as to where to look.