Scrivener is slowing down my computer

I have a 2017 iMac. The computer is constantly getting the ‘beach ball’. An Apple tech is helping me resolve this issue.

Here’s what we did:

We completely reset the computer. No beach ball. Then brought back only my documents. No beach ball even with everything open, watching videos etc. We then moved to bringing back applications one by one. The first application was Scrivener and after inputing license and updating, we restarted the computer and viola, the beach ball returned after inputing my password on start up, the desktop was slow to populate and the beach ball returned.

Are there things we can check to see if I’ve done something weird to my Scrivener files or backup or ?? that may be causing this issue?

I have an early 2014 MacBook Air and Scrivener does not do this on that older mac.

I have the latest versions of Catalina and Scrivener.

Thank you.

How big is the project?

What’s Scrivener’s starting point? That is, are you launching it with a big Scrivenings session or something like that?



I’m opening Scrivener without any project open. I’m also seeing the beachball from the computer waking up from sleep. This did not occur before Scrivener was reinstalled on the computer. It ‘seems’ as if Scrivener slows the computer at start-up and waking from sleep even if the app is closed.

The tech guy wonders if Scrivener is putting something in the ‘launch agents’ sub folder of ‘library’. Sorry to not be more specific - I’m not a techie.

“The tech guy” can check for himself, by watching the Console. Looking at the Console and the Activity Monitor to see what is actually making the beach ball spin is definitely what I would recommend.

Scrivener has no “resident” component. That is, when the application is closed, it’s closed. There is no component that “listens” for activity, the way that, say, a keyboard extender might.

Now, when Scrivener is launched, it will launch the project chooser window, and it might use your internet connection to validate its license. Both of these operations would normally be pretty quick, but might take longer if, for instance, you have security software that’s impeding them.


Thank you. I’ll let him know.