"Scrivener is unable to load this pdf"

Lately I keep getting this error. File opens correctly in adobe, adobe reader and nitro pdf.
It’s very annoying because project has thousands of files and we get errors multiple times from jumping from one file to the other.
Any advice?

Edit: Now it crashed two times in a row without any message.

When you say that lately you have been getting this error, does that mean that lately you have imported PDF files that the software cannot properly display, or that lately PDFs you’ve been using all along are now not working?

Immediately after adding a file, it is displayed properly. Restarting Scrivener makes the file inaccessible.
It happens in many cases. In common these pdf have around 1000 pages.


Did someone manage to reproduce this problem?

Sorry I’m not sure if you’re still having this problem but I think Scrivener can’t open pdf files which were not originally created as a pdf (i.e. the original document was scanned into a pdf format- you can tell if this is the case or not depending on whether you can search for words in your pdf). Hopefully my explanation makes sense, but this is just what I have found.

I am also having the same problem and came here hoping to find a solution. The PDFs which I have imported are PDF versions of online academic articles, which may be what vthebee is trying to say - but as Kalkito explains, the first time the files are imported they display perfectly. After closing and reopening Scrivener a few times, they stop loading at all. Reimporting them solves the issue, temporarily (but I lose all my annotations and keywords etc).

This is very frustrating as it essentially renders the software useless.