Scrivener is Unregistered

Whenever I open my version of Scrivener (the latest beta to be released), a window pops up that says my trial will run out after 27 days of use, and that my version of Scrivener is unregistered. This never happened before this version – how do I register Scrivener?

The registration window you are seeing is merely integration of what will be the registration system. It is not fully in place yet, and since it is a testing system, you can access a handy reset button if you run out of days. It’s not there to prohibit you, but to make sure everything fits together well. The alternative is slapping a bunch of authentication code into 1.0 and hoping it all works without flaw.

Oh, awesome. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t going to run out of Scrivener in a month. Thanks!