Scrivener is Useful Business Application

Scrivener is a very useful businness application. I am using it to draft a technical report with input from several people. I previously used another excellent outlining application to do this kind of work. There are several features in Scrivener that I find particularly useful for this work, (1) the ability to insert and edit tables, (2) footnotes and annotations that can be read by Word when it comes to final formatting, (3) notes, tags, status, and labels (which I have changed in my document to “contributor”), (4) split editing window, (5) Scrivener links (how nice it would be if these could be retained in the exported documents), etc.

Thanks for your feedback - I’m glad Scrivener is working for you, and for a purpose I never even thought of, too. :slight_smile:

I will be revising Scrivener links around 1.5, so I will take a look at what can done about those then (in a few months’ time, that is).

Thanks again and all the best,