Scrivener isn't saving my work

I recently downloaded a trial version of Scrivener and used it for a few days. When I opened the program today, however, I found that the work I did in Scrivener last time I used it has not been saved. I had used the program sporadically during the entire day and then closed it the next morning. During that time, I added a few new scenes to my novel and wrote about 800 words. I also changed the names of the labels, color coded all of my scenes according to POV, and then reshuffled a few of the scenes.

None of these changes were saved, despite the fact that I pressed control + s frequently throughout the day and also saved it using the file drop down menu a few times while I was working. I checked the backup folder but the most recent version available does not include any of these changes I made.

It was my understanding that Scrivener is supposed to save automatically anyway, so I’m wondering what’s gone wrong. Could it be because I’m using a trial version and I left the program open for too long before closing it, because I didn’t save the work correctly, or is it some kind of bug that will occasionally pop up to make my life difficult if I continue using Scrivener :confused:

I am testing too right now on a live project. I have been using the menu save without issue for the past three days and about two dozen saves.

Though I have ran 4 tests now and the CTRL S seems to make saves.

It’s good to know you haven’t had any issues saving when using either of those methods. I really can’t understand what could have possibly gone wrong for me, but I’ve contacted Scrivener support about this issue as well and I’ll post here again if I find out anything that could be helpful to others.