Scrivener jumping to the middle of the document...?

Is there a way, when switching scene/text cards to have the place it saves be from where you last edited or glanced at, instead of it being precariously the middle of the document? Or something like that? Also, how does it even choose where to sit the text? It feels random, and I’m very confused.

Is this scene/text card in the main Editor or is it an Index Card shown in the Corkboard?

How can I tell the difference? I have things in folders. Can I screenshot it?

Realize that the Synopsis area is picking something to show from the text you write. Don’t like it, need something more descriptive? Write it yourself. That is available in the Inspector or the Corkboard or the Outliner.

Have you used the tutorial within Scrivener?

That’s a synopsis entry in Corkboard view, perhaps borrowed from the first few lines of the text.

Can you rephrase your question?
What are you trying to do?

When I’m writing, I go away from the document onto let’s say the characters section. And come back to the document but it’s no longer in the place I was currently writing. It scrolls up further. How do I stop that?

That’s not what I’m complaining about. I want to set where I last view a document at the very least to the bottom of the text in question, and I don’t know how.

If you use Scrivener’s “previous document” command – the “back” arrow at the top of the Editor pane – you’ll go back to wherever you were. But that’s not what your screenshot is showing.

I think that’s pretty much the answer I’m looking for. I didn’t know that. Thank you!

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