Scrivener just scrubbed away all my uses of italics.

A whole chapter’s worth!

I’m using version 2.02 on an Intel MacBook Pro (10.6.5).

I had imported some text from an email and it was a different sized font, so I adjusted the font size. But it still didn’t look right. So I changed the font randomly, then back again. All but one of my uses of italics were gone!

I have two novels and a draft of a third that I recently brought over to Scrivener. I’m terrified to look. I have hard copies of the two novels (which I would have to check line by line), but I haven’t made a hardcopy of the draft.

I’m guessing it wasn’t Scrivener, per se, it was the font change. Unlike some word processors (Word, for example), Scrivener doesn’t “fake” italics by taking a regular font and slanting it. TextEdit is the same. So in order to have italics, you need to use a font family that contains an italic version. When you switched your font randomly, you likely picked a font that didn’t contain an italics version or picked a “favorite” or “recent” that was set on regular, so all the text got switched to the regular version.

None of your other text should be effected, just the text you’d selected and changed. It’s probably too late for this particular document, but in the future if you do that you can just hit “undo” to get it back, before you switch to another document or close the project.

Best way to change the font to match your default is just to use Documents>Convert>Formatting to Default Text Style once you’ve imported the document. (This assuming of course that your default font is one that includes a bold and italic version!)

Bingo! I said random, but I remembered it was the font directly below Times New Roman. So I checked and it was TLArabic, which has no italics! I did it to myself! Scrivener is blameless!