Scrivener just works!

I had to work in Windows last night so no Scrivener :confused: wibble

I know there are alternatives available, but none are a patch on Scrivener imo. For a start, not may have the option of script formatting. For the few that do, the interface is clunky, or limited features, or not very flexible to work in. Secondly, I often have to use two or more application to reach the functionality level of Scrivener.

The best alternative to Scrivener for Windows is Page Four. But unfortunately that does have index cards or script formatting. Celtx is ok but it’s not very customiseable. You cannot even change the background colour since version two came out.

I have tried super note cards but I find the interface clunky.

Despite sitting at my computer for two hours I only managed to write for 30 mins. The experience highlighted how Scrivener just works and allows me to just write, in whatever format; script or prose. I know there it’s unlikely there will be Scrivener for Windows. I just wish the alternatives were not so frustrating!!

What are your favourite Windows alternatives to Scrivener?

I don’t even try. When I’m stuck with Windows I just write in a plain-text editor and combine the files later on the Mac. Sorry, that isn’t very helpful! Fortunately it isn’t something that I find myself doing very often. I think now that Scrivener supports OPML imports, I’d try to find an outliner in Windows that supports that format and allows for fairly easy bulk writing in nodes. Then at least I can compose in a structure and have that rebuilt in the Binder later on.