Scrivener keeps changing fonts after autocorrect

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using Scrivener for years but have started encountering a format issue in v3.2.3, in macOS 13.2

I have my editor set up with a particular font I like. However, when typing, whenever I get to an autocorrect - for example, straight quote changes to smart quote, three dots turns to an ellipsis, double-dash turns to an en-dash, the font changes to Menlo, a system font.

It’s getting pretty annoying. Is this a known bug? I’m not sure what else I can check inside Scrivener to stop this from happening.

It could be the font you’ve chosen has a very limited selection of characters, and can’t handle the typographic punctuation you are using. I would confirm that hypothesis with another font to see if it works better. If it does, maybe you can find a newer version, or one like it that has more symbols and such in it.

Alternatively, if you don’t really need typographic punctuation, you could always just switch that stuff off via the Edit ▸ Substitutions submenu.

Thanks! I think you’re probably right, that is the cause, and when it autocorrects/substitutes it switches font - Menlo is a Mac system font, rather than a user-installed font, which may be some kind of default action.

I’ll see what happens when I disable the substitutions - I can make those typographic amends in the next draft, which I usually do once I’m compiled the project for Word anyway.