Scrivener Keeps Quiting Unexpectedly (won't let me open)

I’ve updated to the new version and have been using it for some time now. Suddenly scrivener will not open as it keeps saying “scrivener quit unexpectedly.” Help! All my research and writing is in scrivener!


I just experienced this myself. I had left my Internet access turned off by mistake and both 3.1.4 and 3.1.5 of Scrivener repeatedly crashed at startup. Apparently access to the Internet is now mandatory with Scrivener because once I reestablished access to the Internet, Scrivener formatted a crash report for me to submit.

Hmmm. Now that it has “phoned home” it will let me use Scrivener – even without an Internet connection. Apparently it has been a while since I last used it. Maybe it was insisting on re-authenticating that I was a valid “paid” user?

Was this perhaps your situation as well?