Scrivener keeps recovering files I intentionally delete

Most people come to this board frantically trying to replace files they have deleted. I have the opposite problem: I transcribed some very large audio files and now I want them removed from my Scrivener document to reduce file size, but no matter what I do they keep showing up in the Recovered Files folders. This is ballooning my document to over 2.5 gigabytes, and I can’t be transferring that much data to my cloud backup service every time I want to sync the file. How can I make scrivener stop hunting down and ‘recovering’ these files that I don’t want recovered?

Thanks in advance to any who might be able to help!

What happens is that when you empty the Trash inside Scrivener, it deletes all of the files from inside the .scriv project and removes them from the binder. On project open, if any files are inside the .scriv package that aren’t represented in the binder, it imports them into a “Recovered Files” folder.

So, in your case, it sounds as though either the files aren’t being deleted properly from within the file package, which would indicate a permissions issue whereby your computer isn’t allowing Scrivener to delete files for some reason, or you are storing the project on some sort of cloud solution that keeps adding the files back to the project package.

In the former circumstance, Scrivener shows an error telling the user that it couldn’t delete all the files in the project, and asking you to check your permissions, so I suspect the latter - do you store the project i a Dropbox folder or a folder set up to sync with some other cloud solution?