Scrivener Keeps Reopening to the Same Location

Using Scrivener 3.1.1 on iMac with Mojave. This isn’t a serious problem but it’s somewhat irritating. I’m editing a manuscript (second draft) and every time I restart the program, or if it crashes and restarts, the document reopens to the exact same page and line. I’m on Chapter 3 but it keeps reopening to the same line in chapter 1. Is there a solution for this?


For speed, Scrivener only saves its UI settings on project close (otherwise all those settings can slow down save). This means that if Scrivener crashes, it will reopen using the UI settings from when it last opened, and it sounds as though this is what you are seeing. The bigger question here is why Scrivener is crashing at all - it certainly shouldn’t be! Is this happening only with a single project? Is there more information you can provide so that we can reproduce the crash?

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